3-Day Courses

3-Day Course
Adrenaline as an art form

Specialist engineering for every industry


You choose 6 topics… Out of our current list of 8. We prioritize your top 6, and we work them in around your skill level. You can take any station multiple times at increasing levels. We open additional stations depending on the guest instructors attending.

  • CPR / Tourniquet training / Stop the bleed.
  • 50 Yard multi-purpose range – Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun
  • Training House – Movement and manipulation
  • Coffee Shop Scenario Station – (UTM Simunitions)
  • Low Light Station – Flashlight Scenarios (UTM Simunitions)
  • Anti-Carjacking / Fight from your vehicle (UTM Simunitions)
  • 100-yard multi-purpose bay (UTM Simunitions)

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All new participants must complete a background check and character witness.

All participants must also have successfully graduated from our two-day course or have attended a 3-day Course previously.  (*note- private course invitations, influencer guest spots, and referrals are on a case-by-case basis)

Our 3 – day training format is broken up into 2 stations per day (before lunch and after lunch).  Each station is a 3.5- hour block of time, which allows our guests to rotate through six separate topics over three days, providing the ultimate in scenario and mindset training. A fantasy shooting camp with scenario safety training.

*Personalized WOFT long sleeve jersey included with the course fee. (*Note- Registration within 4 weeks before a course does not guarantee we can coordinate a custom jersey. Woft needs at least fifteen (15) business days before the event to guarantee a custom jersey. Within that time frame, there may be an additional charge of up to $75. To avoid that, please complete your registration today.

*Gates open at 7:30 am daily, and class will end between 4:45 and 5 pm daily.

Daily breakfast, snacks, and lunch are included, but you should bring:

Eye and Electronic Ear protection

Rimmed ballcap

Close-toed shoes

Long, comfortable pants with large belt-loops

Water bottle or personal beverage

You will be permitted to use your personal firearm during the live fire portions of the training.

We are very strict on obeying the 4 safety rules at all times on the live-fire range. Muzzle discipline at all times, no exceptions.

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