Our Team

  • Philip Toppino

    W.O.F.T. Director and Founder

    Philip formed WOFT in 2015 after many years of private training. Being a concealed carry permit holder since 1998, the more he learned about firearms and studied safety concepts, the more he realized how much he did not know. OneRead more

  • W.O.F.T. Staff

  • Kimberly Treat

    V.P. of Operations

    Kimberly was raised around firearms most of her life and is a strong believer in everyone learning gun safety and being your own first responder. Prior to joining the WOFT family, Kimberly spent several years promoting gun safety as anRead more

  • Courtney Woliver

    Administrative Support Staff

    Courtney has over 10 years of bookkeeping experience, customer service and managerial experience. Courtney joined the WOFT family in 2021, where she handles the bookkeeping as well as helps with the day-to-day activities. Prior to working with us, she workedRead more

  • W.O.F.T. Instructors

  • Joe Farewell

    Director of Firearms Training

    Joe has recently become the Director of Firearms Training for WOFT after being a part of the company for several years. For over 10 years Joe Farewell has been an avid competitor in USPSA and 3-Gun. He has traveled allRead more

  • AL Matos

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Al has over 30 years of experience in security and intelligence, and over 17 years of Law Enforcement experience including 9 years in the Criminal Investigation Division. Al is a retired Special Forces Warrant Officer, Former Narcotics Agent and SWATRead more

  • Andrew Frey

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Andrew is an experienced law enforcement and executive protection professional. He combined training in tactical law enforcement and US Secret Service experience provides expert capability to train private citizens and law enforcement professionals in modern firearms, tactics, and survivability. 2010Read more

  • Ben Zaharias

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Ben has over 36 years of hand-to-hand training in multiple Martial Arts disciplines. He is also a certified instructor for the USCCA, and NRA. Tae Kwon Do, black belt/instructor 1991, Master H.Y. Kim FCS Kali, Manong 2013, Guro 2018, Tuhon RayRead more

  • Brian Martin

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Brian has over 19 years as a law enforcement basic instructor, 17 years as a defensive tactics’ instructor and firearms instructor, and 2 years as a Police K9 instructor. He is currently working for the Orange County Sheriff’s office. BrianRead more

  • Craig Reuter

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Craig has over 30 years of firearms experience. He has traveled the country and trained with multiple instructors at several different facilities.Craig is a certified instructor for the NRA, and UTM. Former Guardian International Statewide Firearm License State of FloridaRead more

  • Dannel Roman

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Danny has been involved in martial arts for most of his life. He is currently a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He continues his martial arts training and currently has a 2-stipe Blue Belt in Brazilian JujistuRead more

  • Dave Ellis

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Dave served 8 years in the Marine Corp as a Heuy and Cobra Crew Chief, Weapons trainer, and Squadron rescue instructor. He served in Desert Storm and Somalia. Dave was also certified as a commercial helicopter pilot. Certified Scuba RescueRead more

  • Eric Dunning

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Eric Dunning began his journey into the world of firearms in 2015. Eric is an avid shooter who enjoys training for personal defense. Eric become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer to assist with local and statewide training events forRead more

  • Jessica Dunning

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Jessica Dunning has over 7 years’ experience in the firearms industry. Jessica started her journey in 2015 with The Armed Woman of America (formerly TWAW Shooting Chapters) a national nonprofit shooting organization for women. She served as one of theRead more

  • John Kirkland

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    John served as a law enforcement officer and law enforcement instructor providing twelve years of honorable service acquiring the training and experience to effectively plan for, train conduct and lead a wide range of law enforcement operations including physical surveillanceRead more

  • Lanny Oakley

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Lanny is a three-time Olympian in the sport of Biathlon. Lanny & her twin sister, Tracy, competed in several Olympics together before both girls made history and inspired the world when Tracy selflessly gave Lanny her spot on the Sochi,Read more

  • Melanie Villeneuve

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Melanie has over a decade of medical experience.  She was a surgical technologist in level one trauma hospitals, ambulatory centers, and was a private assistant for a maxillofacial surgeon. She transitioned into being an occupational therapy assistant. Melanie has over aRead more

  • Michael Cullen

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Michael specializes in hand-to-hand combat leveraging multiple systems and is currently a four-stripe purple belt in Gracie Jujitsu through 6 Levels in Orlando, Florida. He has spent years involving himself in many martialarts forms to be able to bring anRead more

  • Michael James Lazarus

    W.O.F.T. Instructor

    Michael is a 25-year retired sergeant of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, serving as its Primary Firearms, Defense Tactics, Street Survival, Urban/Rural Operations and Instructor/Coach for 20 years. His responsibilities at the Academy included Training the Trainers, In-Service Officers,Read more

  • Guest Instructors

  • Rob DellAquila

    Rob works as a Police Officer in New Jersey and has spent the last 16 years dedicating himself to learning and teaching the most effective self-defense/combative systems available to deal with the modern-day threat.  His curriculum has been taught toRead more

  • Nanci Robinson

    Nanci Robinson has an extensive medical background that spans across two decades and includes both pre-hospital EMS/Trauma Care and ICU/Critical Care for hospitalized patients. Nanci teaches Dirt Medicine, Stop the Bleed and CPR classes across the United States and theRead more

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