Becoming The Ultimate Protector

About Us

W.O.F.T is located just outside Minneola, Florida and was formed in 2015 by Philip Toppino because of his interest in safety and firearm training. He obtained his concealed carry permit in 1998, but realized there was so much more to learn. He wanted to become the ultimate protector for his family which meant not only training himself, but providing a space for the family to train as well.

Philip continued learning and training and received a multitude of credentials. W.O.F.T. became known as the place where the experts get their training, as well as a comfortable environment for families to train together.

The courses are customized to the skill level of each student meaning a novice can begin their training here while experts enhance and add to their skills here.

Train with your family, neighbors, co-workers, or any group that can benefit from learning to work together to keep your environment as safe as possible.