Can I Come Tour Your Facility? 

We are not currently offering tours, however, signing up for our CCW course is a great way to see the facility.

Can WOFT Staff Refuse to Train Me?

We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone for any reason. Further, it is our policy to not train anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is to ensure the safety of you, the other participants, as well as our staff.

Why Do I Need To Sign A Waiver?

Our waiver process ensures that you understand the risks involved in taking our training, and that we are not held liable for any injuries or illnesses incurred. We also need to make sure that attendees understand our cancellation policy and that they are held liable for class fees cancelled within a 30 day timeframe but will be given credit for a future class or training.

Do you Offer Discounts?

Due to the high-quality training that we provide and the great costs associated with offering our courses, we do not offer discounts of any type.

What If I Have No Prior Experience With Scenario Training or Firearms?

No prior scenario training is required for our classes, and while firearms are the best force multiplier, they are not the primary focus – learning to think our way out of a potential situation is. We focus first on learning to avoid situations, work our way up from a flashlight (that you can carry anywhere), introduce safety concepts, and then allow the ability to test those concepts in real-time.

Why Do I need To Get A Background Check?

Background check is required to be eligible for our 2/3-day training. As we are not yet familiar with you prior to your initial visit, this process helps to assure the safety of our staff and other participants. We use this information to ensure that you are who you claim to be and that you are free of any major criminal charges. Through our training programs, we bring random people from all different backgrounds together and put them in high-intensity situations. This is why we must take all proper precautions to make the safety of our staff and other participants a #1 priority.

What is a Character Witness?

Our character witness process is an additional step that we take to ensure the safety of all participants and instructors. In order to complete this process, you will send a link to a referral form to someone you have known for at least 5 years that can vouch for your moral character. As we are training you in the use of deadly weapons, it is our responsibility to ensure that you have no criminal background or history of mental illness or substance abuse. We are professional instructors and we must use our discretion as we are not looking to train those looking to “fight” someone or those who want to run faster than they are ready for.

Will Food Be Provided For The 2-3 Day Course?

Lunch will be provided daily for our 2-day and 3-day scenario courses. Please bring hydration to all courses.

Can I Come To Observe Without Being A Class Attendee?

Of course! The cost is $250 per day per guest to watch a friend or family member take part in one of our courses. A Background Check and a Character Witness are required. Electronic waivers are required for each guest on the property, whether they are observing or training. We prefer friends of friends and family members to observe as one learns a lot simply by watching.

I've Trained With You Before, Do I really Need To Take The 2-Day Course Again To Be Eligible For The 3-Day Course?

Not necessarily, anyone who has trained with us before can be grandfathered in and considered eligible for our 3-day course. All new students must complete the 2-day course prior to taking the 3-day course.

I Have Already Taken Your 2-Day Program, Can I Sign Up For Your 3-Day Program?

Not necessarily, each person comes in at a different skill level and there may be a lot more that you can learn from repeating our 2-day program as scenario training is different every time. We aim to not train people that want to run before they walk, and we need to ensure that you are prepared for the next step before jumping in too quickly and taking our 3-day program.

I Am Not Getting Any Email Notifications About The Location.

If this automated email is not showing up in your spam or junk folders, please email Philip Toppino directly at Philip@toppino.com to inquire about the address of W.O.F.T. Please state your name and the course name/date that you are registered for.

Where Should I Stay?

We have a corporate discount rate for a hotel located only 14 miles from our location. Discount information is provided below:

Hampton Inn & Suites Clermont

2200 East Highway 50

Clermont, Florida 34711

Ph: 352-223-8787 

W.O.F.T. Corporate Discount ID: (You will receive the discount ID via email )

Can I Bring My Own Firearm For Training?

Yes you can bring your own firearm. In your class registration, please specify the Make/Model/Caliber of the firearm you wish to bring to your class. All firearms will be inspected by WOFT staff prior to use to make sure the firearm functions properly and is in working condition. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of a firearm if it will not be able to safely function during a class; alternative firearms will be offered for usage.

What Kind of Holster Do I need To Bring?

All holsters need to be some type of rigid plastic/kydex material. NO leather, or soft material holsters. NO inside the waistband appendix, or inside the waistband holsters are allowed during live fire training*. Outside the waistband holsters ONLY. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of a holster if it does not meet requirements for safe range operation during a class; alternative holsters and/or firearms will be offered for usage.

*Only during specific Concealed Carry classes are inside the waistband appendix holsters allowed.

Do I Need To Bring Ammo?

WOFT has an inventory of many different calibers of ammunition. In your class registration, please specify the Make/Model/Caliber of the firearm you wish to bring to your class so WOFT staff can ensure that there is a current inventory of the caliber you wish to use. NO steel ammo is allowed. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of ammo if it does not meet requirements for safe range operation during a class; alternative ammo and/or firearms will be offered for usage.

How Do I Sign Up For A CCW Course?

Go to the CCW Course Booking page and fill in the required fields and complete the required waiver

What To Bring?

  • Eye Protection

  • Brimmed Hat

  • Close-toed Shoes

  • Long Pants

  • Water / Beverage

  • Pen & Notebook

  • Comfortable Pants with Large Belt Loops

How Do I Get My CCW Permit?

Find an Authorized Tax Collector Office:

  1. Click on the website link


  1. Select the tax collector office in your county, or the closest county with an office near you

*See below for Lake County – Clermont location instructions. See step 3 for other locations.

  1. Under the contact section, you will have the phone number and website for that county tax collector office. If you can’t schedule an appointment over the phone, it will have to be scheduled online.

  2. Counties are different with their processes.

Calling first is a good idea, they will let you know if it needs to be done online

*Lake County – Clermont

  1. Scroll down to contact section

  2. Click on the Web link. You will be redirected to a new website after clicking “ok, I understand” on the pop up menu after clicking the went link.

  3. OR you can follow this link straight to the website.www.laketax.com


  1. Click on “Appointments for all Services”

  2. Click on “Concealed Weapon Permit”

  3. Click on “Concealed Weapon Permit Initial Application” for a brand new CWP. Click on “Concealed Weapon Permit Renew” if you are renewing a CWP.

6a. You will be redirected to a scheduling website. Select Clermont location and then “see slots”

  1. Select a date and time that are available<

  2. Finish scheduling your appointment

  3. Show up to your appointment!

What do I need to bring with me?

– A picture ID. A driver license or state-issued identification card is acceptable.

– A copy of a training document or other certificate that confirms that you are proficient with a firearm.

– Your payment

– Regional offices cannot accept cash

Tax collector offices may charge an additional convenience fee of up to $22 for new licenses. Contact your local tax collector to determine the precise amount you will need to pay and which payment methods are accepted.

Follow this link for more information on what documents are required for a CWP license.


– If a tax collector office is not near you, you can search for a Regional Office instead

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – Regional Offices

  1. Follow the link to find a regional office near you


  1. Schedule over the phone at 352-223-8787

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Participants who cancel 60+ days before the event will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations within the 60 day – 30 day period will receive a credit toward future WOFT training courses minus the ($75) custom Jersey and 3 hours of scheduling ($300). Cancelations within 30 days – same as above, and we will reach out to the waitlist to fill your spot. If that does not happen, your money goes hard and is non-refundable.

How Do I Request A Private Training Session?

W.O.F.T. private lessons are by appointment only. Our private training costs are as follows:

2 hours recommended/session. The average is 4 hours.

(all gear and firearm rental included if needed)

$75/day/student range fee

$100/hr/instructor, (Philip is $150/hr)

Ammo Cost – You can bring your own ammo or you can purchase ammo on location at market pricing.

*30 minutes is allocated for setup and clean up.

Please contact us directly either through our contact form, or via email at philip@woft.com. If you are a new student, you must pass a background check and submit a character witness to be eligible.