Can I Tour Your Facility? 

We are not currently offering scheduled tours; however, reach out to us (contact form) and we can set something up.

Can WOFT Staff Refuse To Train Me?

We reserve the right to refuse training to anyone for any reason. Further, it is our policy to not train anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This is to ensure the safety of you, the other participants, as well as our staff.

Why Do I Need To Sign A Waiver?

Our waiver process ensures that you understand the risks involved in taking our training, and that we are not held liable for any injuries or illnesses incurred. We also need to make sure that attendees understand our cancellation policy and that they are held liable for class fees cancelled within a specific timeframe.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, we do! Booking your training days consecutively versus nonconsecutively will allow you to receive the discounts.

What If I Have No Prior Experience with Scenario Training or Firearms?

No prior training is required for our classes, and while firearms are the best force multiplier, they are not the primary focus – learning to think our way out of a potential situation is. We focus first on learning to avoid situations, work our way up from a flashlight (that you can carry anywhere), introduce safety concepts, and then allow the ability to test those concepts in real-time.

Why Do I Need A Background Check?

Background check is required to participate in training. This process helps to assure the safety of our staff and other participants. We use this information to ensure that you are who you claim to be and that you are free of any major criminal charges. Through our training programs, we bring numerous people from all different backgrounds together and put them in high-intensity situations. This is why we must take all proper precautions to make the safety of our staff and other participants a #1 priority.

Will Food Be Provided?

1-3 day Scenario Courses: Breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments will be provided daily.

Concealed Carry Course and Private Training sessions: Snacks and Refreshments will be provided. 

Can I Come To Observe Without Being A Class Attendee?

Of course! The cost is $250 per day per guest to watch a friend or family member take part in one of our courses. Liability waivers are required for each guest on the property, whether they are observing or training. One learns a lot simply by watching.

What Is the Address to the Training Facility?

Training facility is located West, about an hour from the Orlando International Airport. Due to the safety of our guests and staff, we have to approve your registration and background check first, then you will be provided the training facility's address. 

Where Should I Stay If I Am Not Local?

After your registration is complete, WOFT emails you three options of hotels in the surrounding area that are miles within the facility. 


Can I Bring My Own Firearm For Training?

Yes, you can, but are not required to bring in order to train with us. WOFT will provide a firearm if you choose to train with one of ours. If you would like to bring your personal firearm it is to stay locked in your vehicle until your Firearms Instructor informs you to bring it to the range. At which point will be inspected by WOFT staff prior to use, to make sure the firearm functions properly and is in working condition. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of a firearm if it will not be able to safely function during a class; alternative firearms will be offered for usage.

What Kind Of Holster Do I Need To Bring?

All holsters need to be some type of rigid plastic/kydex material. No leather, or soft material holsters. No inside the waistband appendix, or inside the waistband holsters are allowed during live fire training*. Outside the waistband holsters only. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of a holster if it does not meet requirements for safe range operation during a class; alternative holsters and/or firearms will be offered for usage.

*Only during specific Concealed Carry classes are inside the waistband appendix holsters allowed.

Do I Need To Bring Ammo?

1-3 day courses no, WOFT has an inventory of many different calibers of ammunition. After your registration is approved, we will verify if you would like to train with a WOFT or personal firearm so staff can ensure that there is a current inventory of the caliber you wish to use.

Private training sessions yes, unless you would like to purchase ammo on site at market price. 

NO steel ammo is allowed. WOFT reserves the right to deny usage of ammo if it does not meet requirements for safe range operation during a class; alternative ammo and/or firearms will be offered for usage.

How Do I Sign Up For A CCW Course?

Go to the CCW Course Booking page and fill in the required fields.

What Attire Should I Wear?

Always comfortable athletic sneakers.

Scenario Training: Comfortable clothing. Coffee Shop does require a long-sleeved shirt, but we do provide you a long sleeve customized course jersey. 

Firearm Training: Jeans or pants with belt loops, hat with brim. 

How Do I Get My CCW Permit?

**If not from Florida, please use this USCCA Conceal Carry link to see your states requirements and application processes. 

-For FLORIDA residents only: view the Florida Tax Collector Offices here. Select your counties office. Click the link to redirect you to your county's website. The redirect will give you specific instructions per your county on scheduling an appointment, what to bring, as well as fees.  

-If a tax collector office is not near you, view Regional Offices here. Select the office closest to you. Scroll down and you will see in bold letters "Schedule an appointment to:", select Apply for a New Concealed Weapon License OR Renew My License and follow the prompts.


Payment & Cancellation Policy

A 25% deposit shall be due at time at time of booking. Final payment shall be due 60 days prior to your event. Your 25% deposit is fully refundable within 48hr of booking. Deposit shall be non-refundable after that time frame. Non-payment per the designated time frame shall constitute termination of your booking and allows WOFT the opportunity to rebook the space.

How Do I Request A Private Training Session?

WOFT private lessons are by appointment only and can be requested through our contact form. Our private training costs are as follows:

Minimum of 2 hours recommended per session. The average is 4 hours.

(all gear and firearm rental included if needed)

$75 per day per student range fee

$100 per hour for a firearm instructor (Philip is $150/hr)

Ammo Cost – You can bring your own ammo or you can purchase ammo on location at market pricing.

*1 hour is allocated for setup and clean up.

If you are a new, you must pass a background check ($75) to be eligible.