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About WOFT

WOFT is a premier education center in beautiful Lake County, Florida, specializing in conscious self-defense and preparedness for real-life scenarios. We equip individuals with the skills necessary to confidently handle everyday encounters that could potentially become harmful. Our mission is to empower you to navigate these situations with confidence and composure.

At WOFT, we offer custom, personalized education, instruction, and coaching in a secure environment at our private facility. Our courses are designed to help everyone understand and practice what to do when real-life situations arise.

You might be wondering, "What is Real-Life Scenario Safety & Instruction?" It’s a unique approach to safety that prepares you for the unexpected. Every day, we all navigate various scenarios—visiting coffee shops, gas stations, hair salons, restaurants, and more. These routine activities are scenarios where we often remain oblivious to our surroundings, sometimes distracted by our cell phones.

While most of the time these scenarios are uneventful, there are moments when they aren't. What happens if a stranger approaches you? What if someone starts following you or becomes aggressive? These situations turn a simple scenario into a potentially dangerous situation.

At WOFT, we teach families, women, business leaders, firefighters, teachers—virtually everyone—how to manage these real-life encounters. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to remain safe and confident in any situation.

Join us at WOFT and learn how to stay prepared, protect yourself, and ensure the safety of those around you. Empower yourself today with the skills for a secure tomorrow.

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Enhanced Confidence in Public Spaces

Awareness of different scenarios and how to handle them builds confidence when navigating public spaces. Women who are prepared for various contingencies feel more secure and empowered to move freely and assertively in their daily lives, whether they are commuting, traveling, or socializing.

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