At WOFT, we understand that many of our scenario safety experiences do not incorporate firearms. However, the transformative power of experiencing a real-life "Live Fire" scenario cannot be overstated. Our Firearms Scenario Experience offers you an invaluable opportunity to see, learn, and engage in these high-stakes situations within a safe and controlled environment.

In life, many of us believe we know how we would react in a dangerous situation. We often think, "I would do this" or "I would do that." Fortunately, most of us will never face an actual firearm situation. However, the reality is that these odds are changing. Having the chance to gain real scenario experience with firearms is priceless.



Realistic Training: The truth is, you don’t know how you will react until you’re in the moment. No one does. Our Firearms Scenario Experience puts you in that moment, testing your theories and responses in a controlled, safe setting.

Authentic Scenarios: Imagine being in a room with an agitated, erratic stranger who has a firearm. What do you do? What should you do? Our training helps you answer these critical questions through real-life scenarios.

Customizable Training: At WOFT, we tailor each scenario to fit the specific needs of our students. If there are particular situations you want to address, we are more than happy to modify and adjust the course to meet your requirements.

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