Florida is home to WOFT. It’s our backyard and our community. Therefore, it's only natural to have this as our first, best place to help people. And to work with everyone regarding firearm safety, instruction and proficiency.

So naturally, the more important question for every Florida resident is;
"Should I have a Florida CCW permit?”

ANSWER; “Absolutely”

A little backstory first; on July 1, 2023, Florida concealed carry laws changed. Having a concealed carry permit was no longer required for most Florida residents. Subsequently, many people felt that they could simply go out and buy a handgun with no worries. Turns out that’s “Not exactly the case.”

Why you ask…? Because Under the Law - You Are Still responsible!

And if you don't know the law, you can easily find yourself charged with a felony. 

At WOFT we provide not only a top tier Conceal Carry Permit Class, from USCCA certified instructors, we also offer world-class courses from Firearms Introduction and Fundamentals to Competitive Firearms Proficiency and Expertise. All while educating firearm owners on how the law can effect you.

Basic CCW Course includes;
- Concealed Carry Fundamentals
- Conflict Avoidance
- Situational Awareness
- Home Security & Defense
- Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
- Physiology of Violent Encounters
- Legal Aspects of Using Deadly Force
- Knowing What To Do In The Aftermath

This is such an important issue.
And there's too much at stake,
to not be educated.

Because at WOFT

We’re Making Families, Safer – Smarter – Stronger.

Why You Should Take a CCW Course Before Carrying a Gun

Stay Safe, Stay Legal

On July 1, 2023, Florida's concealed carry laws changed, no longer requiring a permit for most residents. However, this does not mean you can simply buy a handgun and carry it without worries. You are still responsible under the law, and not knowing the rules can lead to serious legal consequences, including felony charges.

At WOFT, we offer top-tier Concealed Carry Permit Classes from USCCA certified instructors. Our courses range from Firearms Introduction and Fundamentals to Competitive Firearms Proficiency and Expertise, ensuring you are well-versed in both firearm safety and the legal aspects of carrying a gun.

Book Your Concealed Carry Course Today 

4 hours of training, for a Basic FLORIDA CCW* instruction
Prepare yourself. Protect yourself. Know the law.


*This does not automatically register you for a CCW permit – this is a 4 hour course only to satisfy the Fla. state requirements. You will still need to apply for a CCW Permit through your state.