Many people ask us — “What’s up with this flashlight?”
“Why does everyone at WOFT always go on about the flashlights?”

Fact of the matter — the flashlight is simply a tool; no different than any other tool.
A hammer is a tool.
A firearm is a tool.
A screwdriver is a tool.
Pepper spray is a tool.
These are all tools.

Often we refer to the old adage, “Nobody ever wants to buy a 1/4 inch drill-bit. What people want is the 1/4 inch round hole.” It’s the same with a flashlight or a handgun, a car alarm, pepper spray, even a security system for somebody’s home. Nobody wants to buy a security system for their home. What they want is to feel secure. What they want is a better sense of security.

All of which brings us back to the flashlight.

There are two basic elements at WOFT to consider about the flashlight. First, it’s uniquely designed and produced specifically for WOFT. It is exclusive to us and not sold anywhere else. I know, I can hear you… “It's a flashlight — What's the big deal?” So yes, it's a flashlight and if you're interested in all the specs they’re linked here.

Second and more importantly, is the mindset that the flashlight 

connects you to. Remember, a tool is just a tool. The value of the tool; the performance of the tool, is only as good as the person using it.

And the real benefit lies not in the flashlight itself, but in the instruction from WOFT on how to use the flashlight. How a flashlight can empower you. How this flashlight can be used in ways most people would never imagine.

This is where the real value, the usefulness, the practicality and advantage of a simple little flashlight is fully realized.

Here’s an example. One aspect not generally thought of is; the flashlight is an everyday tool. It works exceptionally well for everyday people in their everyday lives. It's non-lethal and immensely practical. It can be carried absolutely anywhere — all the time.

And a note for those of you who own firearms; a flashlight goes everywhere. Everywhere a firearm can not go. On a plane, on a train, in a church or in a bar. You can always carry it, near or far. (TY, Dr. Seuss)

It's small;
it's inconspicuous;
it's multipurpose
and with proper training,
it can save your life.

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