As we’ve mentioned before, the Scenario Safety Experience at WOFT is custom tailored to each and every individual.

All the Scenario Safety classes at WOFT are small in number. Yet within this, when a scenario class is conducted, it is generally one individual at a time that enters the scene to experience the scenario. Occasionally there can be more, but even these are customized circumstances that are tailored for those particular individuals. The reason we focus on one individual at a time is because every individual reacts different. That’s a fact. This has been demonstrated over and over and over again. You can put 100 people in the same scene in the same scenario and you will get 100 different variables every single time.

Subsequently, all the instructors working with the Directing Instructor, modify their interactions with each individual, based on that individual’s response. This is called a Live Scenario Dynamic. This dynamic is certainly one of the greatest values at WOFT. There 

is nothing else like it, and no one else offers it. It is one of the primary elements that fosters the transformative experience at WOFT and it produces very tangible results. Others in the class always get to observe, however, they too do not know what's going to happen in the scenario either. In fact, the instructors don't know exactly what's going to happen. This again is an integral part of the Live Scenario Dynamic. They are given assignments from the Director, however each instructor is continually adapting and responding to the variables of that individual in that particular scenario. Again, an invaluable element that you only find at WOFT.

At WOFT, we work to harness this dynamic to its fullest. The goal is to help people not just to learn, but have transformative experiences that foster very, very real results, which in turn make very real differences in our everyday lives, all through lasting change.

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