If you have read about the Individual Scenario Safety Experience at WOFT, you've probably seen where we emphasize how we custom tailor the experience toward each and every person. Although this is true much of the time, it is certainly not exclusive. There are two other orchestrations that are made; small groups and large groups.

In this section, we are focused on information for large groups.

Depending on our calendar schedule, along with the number of individuals who are slated for classes at a given time, WOFT will orchestrate larger group scenario safety experiences. The most recurring example is the "coffee shop" scenario. Virtually everyone who participates in a large group scenario has received previous scenario safety and instruction. This is valuable as large group scenarios a more complex dynamic and somewhat unnerving for some people. That said, safety always remains absolutely paramount at WOFT! All instructors are constantly vigilant in maintaining safety for any and all participants. This is everything.

The large group scenario can include a considerable number of participants, both instructors and students. It's set up for a real-life 

experience. That's very common in our everyday life. In the staging space of the Coffee Shop, the Directing Instructor will set up a scene where for example, a robbery may take place or a fight/argument can occur. The overarching goal is for participants to experience and learn for themselves from a real-life scenario.

On special occasions, WOFT schedules annual recurring events for Extra Large Groups. These groups can consist of a very diverse range of people. The overall element is to conduct safety scenario experiences design specifically for outdoor events or crowded spaces. We experience large group situations/scenarios regularly in our everyday lives. Should a situation occur; and you're in a crowd or large group; What would you do? What should you do? These are very special opportunities to learn and experience what to do and how to do.

In many aspects of the courses and training experiences at WOFT, any person can advance their learning through multiple levels.

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