If you have read about the Individual Scenario Safety Experience at WOFT, you've probably seen where we emphasize how we custom tailor the experience toward each and every person. Although this is true much of the time, it is certainly not exclusive. There are two other orchestrations that are made; small groups and large groups.

In this section, we are focused on information for small groups.

A small group, constitutes any number that's simply more than one. The most common example of this is a couple. It's not uncommon at all, for people to come and experience WOFT as a couple. This can be an excellent opportunity for couples as it can create a new bonding element, that neither had expected or imagined.

So often, so many of us, enter and exit scenarios as a couple. If something suddenly occurred; What would you do? What should you do? What about your partner? We've heard many stories where one or the other was so overwhelmed by a situation, they completely forgot about their partner. This can produce devastating, life-changing consequences.

At WOFT we use this dynamic to teach a couple how they can work 

together. How they can better support and protect each other. How they can work in tandem, because instead of one set of eyes, you now have two sets; two sets of ears; two different perspectives working in tandem on how to best navigate the situation.

Another small group scenario is a single parent or both parents with children. Just like the dynamic of a couple, we work with the family dynamic. Having a few basics in place, that have been learned and experienced in a safe environment, can make all the difference should a situation occur. It's astonishing when we see how empowered children can become. Often this empowerment transcends throughout many other aspects of their lives.

So, just like an individual, a couple or family become a single unit. The goal is to have everyone collectively working together as one. So the same principles now apply for the small group dynamic as they do in the individual dynamic. It’s a win-win.

And being together; working together; makes everyone safer, smarter and stronger.

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