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NOTE – It's hugely valuable to understand the enormous differences between military or tactical style training experiences, versus the immersive real-life scenario experiences at WOFT. When doing a tactical/self-defense style exercises; the inevitable starting point is that you are already in the fight; you’re already at war. So now, that’s what your training is all about.

At WOFT, we're focused on the real lives of everyday people. Everyday stuff. Everyday scenarios. The things that are much more likely to happen in your life. And Real Life, is much more complex. There are a huge number of variables. And a huge number of potentially catastrophic results. Not necessarily to just life and limb, but legal consequences as well as long-term harm to yourself, loved ones and others.

No one else is doing this; nothing else is like it – In lies our challenge.

It's one of our greatest challenges. How do we begin to convey an “experience?” It's kind of like the Grand Canyon; I can show you photos and videos; I can tell you stories; we can show maps and give you all kinds of specs. But, it's not until you're standing at the edge, with the great vastness spread out before you; only then do you truly understand the depth, the breath and the beauty of such a place. It's not until you're there – it’s in the experience, that transcendence happens.

This is our challenge.

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