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One of our greatest challenges is trying to convey to some one who has never been to WOFT “What they can expect.”

One thing you can absolutely expect at WOFT is an extremely safe environment. This is paramount in every single thing we do at the center. Whether staging a potentially hazardous scenario or conducting courses in firearm expertise; SAFETY is and remains, unconditionally number-one

When trying to educate and coach someone through a potentially dangerous experience, it's immensely critical this is done in the proper environment that puts the safety of every student first. Every single day. Every single time. Every single moment. "Safety first" is something you can absolutely expect at WOFT.

Another thing that you can expect at WOFT is a very custom, personalized experience. For example, one of the things we do is help community service personnel. Subsequently, what we would stage for an EMT worker versus what we would stage for a law enforcement officer versus what we would stage for a school teacher are all considerably different. They do however all share the same goal — to learn what to do and how to deal with everyday encounters, yet we tailor them. We tailor their individual 

experience to incorporate their specific field of work in accordance with that particular environment. Simply because their daily work environment would be quite different from the daily environment of a mom or dad or someone who might work in an office building.

At WOFT we work hard to deliver a transformative experience. Yet, without having had that experience as a reference, how can we convey what to expect? How does one explain a transformative experience to someone who is inexperienced?

Most people agree, one of the most challenging things is to "change a persons mind;” to cause them to think differently. Interestingly, the most effective tool in achieving this is — Experience. Time and again, and in so many different aspects of our lives, it is experience that proves to be the greatest and most powerful teacher.

At WOFT, we work to harness this dynamic; to help people not just to learn, but have transformative experiences that foster very, very real results, which in turn make very real differences in their lives, through lasting change.

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