Can WOFT Be Done Online?

Live And In Person - There Is NO Substitute.

Because "Real-Life" is not virtual.

People regularly ask us:

“Can I have a Scenario Experience online?”
“Is there a video I can watch?”
“Is there an interactive tutorial?”
“Can you do this sort of thing you do virtually?”

The answer to all of this is NO.

A critical element to the Scenario Safety Courses at WOFT is the Realtime Dynamic Experience. For each individual, lies an adaptation that can only occur in that moment.

Everybody's different. Everybody reacts different.

You can put 100 people in the same scenario and they will react 100 different ways; with 100 different variations. To help each and every individual learn, so that each unique person can be their best possible selves and then go forward empowered to handle a situation should it arise; there is no substitute for a live, in person experience.

Live = Transformative

While developing solutions at WOFT, we're always looking at and considering diversity. The wide range of dynamics that exist from state to state and region to region, town to town and neighborhood neighborhood. We do this because we want all of our efforts to work anywhere; in any town; in any state. We want all people everywhere to have the tools that work anywhere and go them everywhere all the time.

Recently, a guest at WOFT mentioned, how “when we think about things, when we do ‘the what if scenarios’ in our head, we are always the hero; we always figure out a way to be successful.” That is the luxury of being in your own head. You can imagine, however you are not confronted with reality. And the one dynamic of reality that can never be calculated, virtually or by any other method; is the unknown; the unexpected; the unanticipated. These are the realities in all out lives. The true dynamics within real-life scenarios.

Subsequently, there is no substitute for a live experience.

So lets schedule a call and we'll tell you more.

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