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We Should Talk

You'll find many places on our website, including this page where you’re invited to;

"Call for a personal consultation.”

This is another aspect of how we customize your individual experience at WOFT.

We talk to everybody. We ask questions of everyone.

We do this, to learn from you — so you in turn, can best learn from us.

Everybody's different! Everyone responds differently. Subsequently, we understand how everyone learns differently. And the differences from one person to the next can be astonishing. This is why the customized education, the personalized training and coaching at WOFT is so special and very, very unique.

Education and learning through an immersive experience like WOFT is difficult to describe unless you've had that experience. We work hard to help guide people through their first experience at WOFT. The goal of this is to make everyone their best possible selves.

And it all begins by talking.

Schedule a call today for your personal consultation.

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