The Firearm Scenario Experience at WOFT —

Many of the scenario safety experiences that are developed at WOFT do not incorporate firearms. That said, we can not state how valuable it truly is; how totally transformative it can be; to see, to learn and to experience, a Real-Life "Live Fire" Scenario at WOFT.

In life, many of us talk about how “Well, I would do this” or how “I would do that” should the situation ever arise. And thankfully, most of us will never have to experience or deal with an actual firearm situation. Realistically, those odds are changing. So having a "real" opportunity, where you can gain "real" scenario experience, all while experiencing this exercise, in a safe controlled environment; is invaluable beyond measure.

Because the fact is; you don't know!
No one knows!
No one can say what they would actually do or not do;
what they would actually feel or not feel.
How they would actually be or not be.
Not until they're in the moment; not until it is “real.”

This is why we call it Real-Life Scenario, Safety and Instruction. And nothing is more "real" than having a stranger who is suddenly agitated; a stranger who is behaving erratically; and then you see that stranger has a firearm - and you're in the same room with that person.

What do you do?
What should you do?

The truth is you will never truly know until you're there.
At WOFT we put you there!
At WOFT we put all your theories to the test.

This is why at WOFT, we engage a wide range of training and exercises that can be incorporated into safety scenario experiences.

And as with all scenario safety courses at WOFT, we customize each scenario to fit the needs of our students. So if there's ever anything specific that anyone would like to address, we are more than happy to modify and adjust the course dynamic to fit those needs and desires.

Mindset and method is the objective —
This is the transformative goal for the WOFT self-defense course.

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