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The term self-defense conjures up all kinds of concepts and notions. They can range from Matrix jiu-jitsu and other forms of martial arts to the Karate Kid and being taught by Mr. Miyagi. At WOFT we basically throw all that stuff right out the window.

As in all courses at WOFT we strive to integrate scenario safety and instruction into everyday life; for everyday people; and everyday situations.

Subsequently, WOFT uses a modified form of instruction that can help everyday people have a greater mindset, should they be confronted with a non-lethal form of physical attack. Therefore, in complete contrast to forms of martial arts and street fighting, all of which have an underlying psychology to fight; to beat your opponent or to win. We at WOFT work with everyone to have a mindset of how to escape; how to get out of the situation that you never wanted to be part of in the first place. Think... "Run Luke!"

This is particularly true with women. Generally being smaller and weaker than their attackers, this fosters a particularly challenging dynamic. So when facing a physically superior opponent, being able to maneuver, evade, and escape is not just the best choice, it can be the only choice.

Mindset and method is the objective — This is the transformative goal for the WOFT Personal Defense course.

Personal Defense teaches people a specific method for dealing with attacks that use non-lethal force. Like many other scenario courses that we continue to develop at WOFT this can be particularly critical should you end up in a situation where you’re engaged in a physical violent attack. The primary goal being the mindset for — What to do and How to do it.

Yes we put particular emphasis on women regarding this specific course. However, it’s important to stress that it’s hugely beneficial for everyone. Sadly, statistics show that women are by far the largest demographic that suffer physical violent attacks. Often being a sudden attack, which is usually unexpected. Women then find themselves totally unprepared with no thought, or any kind of tool, or any kind of experience to help them escape the situation.

That’s why at WOFT, we engage a wide range of training and exercises that can be incorporated into Safety Scenario experiences.

And as with all Scenario Safety courses at WOFT, we customize each scenario to fit the needs of our guests. So if there's ever anything specific that any guest would like to address, we are ready to modify and adjust the course dynamic to fit those needs and desires.

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