How We Do It at WOFT —

All of us at some point or another have probably seen a "behind-the-scenes" video about how movies or television shows are made. This is a good way to think about how WOFT works. Imagine us as a backlot for a movie studio where you’re a featured player in the production.

Like any sound stage, each space or stage is a blank canvas that can quickly be transformed into something completely different. We can set up an indoor space for example, that can function as a Parking Garage stage. Then the same space can be transformed into a Classroom stage. Exterior spaces can be staged as a functioning Gas Station. Then the same space can be transformed again into a Park Setting where someone may go to walk their dog or be out for a stroll with a baby carriage. Yet, these are just stages. A construct for scenes; a place where they can be played out. The real transformative dynamic occurs when you, our students are put into real-scenarios.

A typical Scenario Safety class will start with education and awareness. Then we teach you both, what to do and how to do it, should a situation occur. Then, the real magic happens - We set the stage, then put you in the "scenario."

An example of this might be where the Directing Instructor says, “Okay Mary, your car is over there. Go ahead, walk to your car and get in just like you always do.” What Mary encounters along the way will be her “experience.” She may have an encounter; she may not. It's all part of the experience.

This is how you gain Real Experience from Real Situations; which produce transformative outcomes and very, very real learning results.

An important thing to understand is there is no substitute or virtual method for a Real-Life Scenario experience. There is no substitute for how you feel, for how you think, for how you will react; when a very real stranger approaches you. Someone you've never met before suddenly appears; you don't know what they might do or what’s going on or what's going to happen.

When you put this all together; when you add up all the education, the awareness training, the sets, settings and instruction; When all of this is customized to each and every individual. It's almost impossible to calculate the value it brings into the lives of everyday people. It’s almost impossible to quantify the benefit of a real life scenario experience and all being afforded in a safe and sound environment.

And because each scenario is customized to each individual, it creates a real time dynamic that’s tailored for each and every person. Regardless of their background; regardless of their experience; regardless of their profession.

The Real-Life Scenario Safety & Instruction at WOFT gives you, customized education, personalized training and coaching with real-life experience that will make You, Your Family, Your Colleagues, Safer, Smarter and Stronger

No one else offers this... and nothing else is like it.

An experience where you'll be empowered for the everyday situations we all face, in our very real everyday lives.

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