Preparedness & Awareness - 2/4

Statistics says that almost one hundred percent of people’s gut alerts them before a crime occurs, even if they can’t pinpoint what it’s telling them.

I had that same gut feeling. I knew which car was giving me that feeling. I should’ve picked a new spot. I should’ve just left and not worried about the inconvenience. Instead, I told myself; "it was a well populated area," that "I could walk the perimeter of my vehicle and confirm safety around it and that I would keep myself alert to this vehicle across the aisle and its occupier," while doing my 5 min. snack run.

What I did not anticipate was that another van would roll up on me as soon as I exited the store. I felt an unease immediately when I crossed out of the store to the row of cars. There were plenty of parking spaces and this van stalked me slowly as I proceeded down the aisle to my car.

I started walking more slowly, with the hope the van would soon pass me, and I could pass behind it and cut left across aisles.

It proceeded to slow down and also narrow the gap on my left side, forcing me closer to the cars on my right. It then stopped when it was on my left and the vehicle I had made note of when I parked was on my right. The two of them looked at each other and then looked at me. It was then that I realized they may be working together.

I stopped. Made a quick snapshot of my 360 and made direct eye contact with both of them and verbally told them to “fuck. Off.” The van on my left then took off, followed by the parked vehicle. I was then able to walk to my car, assess and walk my surroundings further and safely get in my car.

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