Safety in schools has become an enormous issue over the past decades. It affects all states; it affects all cities; it affects all neighborhoods. It has deeply affected, countless families.

The lives of countless students have already been irreparably impacted. Many carrying scars, mentally, and emotionally, and physically, that will last for the rest of their lives. It is a national issue that we contend with on a very local level.

As a result, many people are trying to tackle this in numerous different ways. We hear a vast range of ideas, while seeing policies and decisions being implemented that may or may not even help. And many of these are a patchwork, simply because there are such hugely varying laws and views for each and every school district throughout the country.

This particular subject is very near and dear to the heart of us at WOFT. Subsequently, we have begun our Teacher’s Initiative. The goal is simple; to empower as many teachers as possible, in as many places as possible with the tools necessary to deal with these real-life situations.

To have as many teachers as possible, come to WOFT, so they can experience the Scenario Safety and Instruction Program we’ve created specifically for teachers and the unique challenges they face.

The program we've developed is custom tailored for all teachers. Because all teachers, everywhere, share many commonalities; no matter their classes; no matter where they live.

Our Teacher Scenario Safety Program is specifically designed to empower all teachers, everywhere, with the tools necessary to make a real difference and save lives.

People regularly ask us;
“Can I experience this sort of thing you do online?
Is there a video I can watch?
Is there an interactive tutorial?”
The answer to all of this is NO.

A critical element to the Scenario Safety Courses at WOFT is the realtime dynamic experience. For each individual, lies an adaptation that occurs only in the moment. Everybody's different. Everybody reacts different. You can put 100 people in the same scenario and they will react 100 different ways; with 100 different variations. To help each and every individual learn, so each unique person can be their best possible selves and go forward empowered to handle a situation that arises; there is no substitute for a live, in person experience.
Live = Transformative

While developing solutions at WOFT, we're always looking at and considering diversity. the wide ranges that exist from state to state and region to region, town to town and neighborhood neighborhood. We do this because we want our initiative to be for teachers; to make it work anywhere; in any school; in any state. We want teachers to have the tools that work anywhere and go everywhere at any time.

Following our Teachers Initiative we want to extend this program to EMT workers, firefighters, and all community service workers. The goal is to Help the Helpers…