After hearing rumors of a high-end fantasy place with the best scenario and firearms training available, I had to experience it for myself. I attended my first class with very high expectations and was absolutely blown away.

I’ve trained a lot over the past 20 years, WOFT was unequivocally the best experience from start to finish. After my first trip I registered for five more courses. WOFT takes it to the next level with their real-world scenario training.

They cater to and customize to every skill set.

They teach that "you’re not going for perfection; you’re going for excellence..." and that excellence isn't about achieving the same bar as everybody else, but where I start — and where I end up. Through my training at WOFT I was able to see how much one can develop when you’re able to train with the best and able to receive world class instruction. I was able to hone my skills to protect not only myself, but also my family.

I took away multiple experiences that will stick with me for a long time. Experiences that immediately impacted how I perform and if I'm ever faced with a situation, where I have to defend myself or my family.

Eric F.

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